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Retaking control of your network: Part 1

Computer networks are becoming increasingly complex with more and more devices connected each day. Gaining network visibility is absolutely crucial to ensure your traffic flows smoothly and transit costs are kept low. In this mini-series I will show you how to set-up sFlow sampling on Linux, aggregate the data and finally present it in flashy graphs.

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Core Backbone/AS33891 BGP Action Communities

A list of available action BGP communities for Core Backbone, AS33891.

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Vultr List of Transits 2019/09

I compiled a list of Vultr transits per location into a spreadsheet

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OVH test IPs

Recently I found a list of test IPs for various OVH locations.

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“Why is my internet down?” | Analysis of a BGP leak causing a global outage

Explanation and analysis of today’s internet outage. What happened and what could’ve been done to prevent this?

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ECMP on Linux

During a new server deployment I’ve come across the need to use ECMP on Linux. Turns out it’s actually really simple to configure. Read More