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Getting SSD SMART on LSI controllers

SSH jumping through multiple jump hosts

The standard OpenSSH SSH client accepts the argument -J to allow users to utilize a jump host/jump box.

What I recently discovered (and isn’t immediately obvious from the documentation) is that you can actually specify multiple jump hosts – separated by a comma – and the SSH client will jump through each single one in order to reach the target.

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dig TXT

OVH test IPs

Recently I found a list of test IPs for various OVH locations.

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Links I find useful

My list of links that have been useful to me in the past and I keep returning to them.

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Controlling a SIM800L modem

My quick notes regarding a SIM800L module on an inexpensive SIM800L EVB “SIM800LV2.2” carrier board from eBay. Communicates happily with a computer through a generic USB<>TTL converter, 5V logic levels and 5V power at 9600 baud. Carrier board includes a TTL level shifter and 2 diodes in series to drop the voltage from 5V to ~3.6V.

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