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Core Backbone/AS33891 BGP Action Communities

A list of available action BGP communities for Core Backbone, AS33891.

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Vultr List of Transits 2019/09

I compiled a list of Vultr transits per location into a spreadsheet

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OVH test IPs

Recently I found a list of test IPs for various OVH locations.

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“Why is my internet down?” | Analysis of a BGP leak causing a global outage

Explanation and analysis of today’s internet outage. What happened and what could’ve been done to prevent this?

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Links I find useful

My list of links that have been useful to me in the past and I keep returning to them.

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Making a GPU with an 8 pin work with a 6 pin power

Recently I had to swap my good old power supply for a spare one. However, I needed an 8 pin GPU power connector and the spare PSU had only a 6 pin. Turns out 6->8 pin conversion is not that hard to do.

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Controlling a SIM800L modem

My quick notes regarding a SIM800L module on an inexpensive SIM800L EVB “SIM800LV2.2” carrier board from eBay. Communicates happily with a computer through a generic USB<>TTL converter, 5V logic levels and 5V power at 9600 baud. Carrier board includes a TTL level shifter and 2 diodes in series to drop the voltage from 5V to ~3.6V.

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Fun with .arpa domains

As you may know, .arpa domains are used for reverse DNS. But did you know that they are usable for forward DNS too?

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ECMP on Linux

During a new server deployment I’ve come across the need to use ECMP on Linux. Turns out it’s actually really simple to configure. Read more →

Bird Unreachable Routes on multihop BGP Sessions

In the past few months, quite a few people have asked me this question: “I bought a VPS from provider X, turned up a BGP session with them and my routes are all marked unreachable”. Today’s post will hopefully shed some light on what causes this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

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